Professional solutions for solar power systems and solar hot water systems

Solar E is one of Perth’s leading solar panel companies, offering the best brands for solar power systems and solar hot water systems. Perth has more sunny days per year than any other capital in Australia, making it perfect for using solar energy.Solar panels provide an economically viable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for your energy needs.Installing solar panels from Solar E in your home reduces your reliance on coal-fuelled electricity and the national grid, providing your home with most of your electricity needs and reducing your energy bill. How do solar...
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Why Choose Us

  • Our well informed consultants are on hand to discuss your individual solar needs.
  • We ensure any products you choose suit your circumstances and budget.
  • Solar E products have been reducing customers’ energy bills for years.
  • Solar E is a Western Australian owned and run business.
  • Our installation technicians are fully qualified and led by licensed and experienced solar electricians
  • All installation teams have CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation.
  • The Australian Government supports solar initiatives and offers huge rebates, reducing the cost of installing a Solar Power System.
  • Solar E is a licensed REC trader and can discount the Government Rebate (Incentive) directly off your quoted price.
  • Solar E is associated with the top Australian and international manufacturers for both Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot water Systems.
  • Finance options are available for energy saving solar applications.
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Top 14 Points to Solar

  1. Most solar panels are made in Asia to high international standards.
  2. Are there government incentives?
  3. Which way do my solar panels need to face?
  4. Will a roof mounted solar panels eliminate my power bill?
  5. Do I need to clean my solar panels? .
  6. Can there be extra charges when purchasing a rooftop solar?
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