About Us

We are the dedicated Solar Power and Rheem Solar Hot Water dealership for Perth, WA.

With over seven years of experience in the solar power business, Solar E was set up in May 2009 to ensure that the people of Perth had a trusted name to turn to for all things solar; from choosing the correct solar photovoltaic (PV) system to suit their needs and budget, to ensuring expert installation from our team of professional solar installers.

Solar E was selected as one of the three solar PV partners of the government’s Perth Solar City program. We are now one of the top 7 solar power installation companies in WA.

With growing international concerns regarding global warming and the rising costs of electricity bills, generating electrical power using the sun is seen as excellent option for many homeowners and businesses, particularly with the ideal climates found in Perth.

Our dedicated team of specialists are waiting to speak to you about your solar needs and to make sure we supply and install a system that fits your budget.