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Fronius Energy Package

The Fronius Symo Hybrid is the heart of the storage solution for 24 hours of sun – the Fronius Energy Package. With power categories from 3.0 to 5.0 kW. Allowing surplus energy from the photovoltaic (PV) system to be temporarily stored in the Fronius Solar Battery. Maximum self-consumption of the available power and maximum energy independence. Excess solar power can be used at times when generating conditions are poor or impossible. Household can enjoy an optimum eletricity supply even during power outages. With the Fronius Symo Hybrid allowing for both DC- and AC-coupling, the Fronius Energy Package is an ideal solution for new installations as well as storage upgrades for existing PV systems.

      • Sizes: 3.0 & 5.0 kW
      • Battery: 5 Year Warranty
      • Hybrid Inverter: 5 Year Warranty


GCL-Poly E-KwBe Battery

E-KwBe, the energy storage system designed and manufactured by GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. System integration, helps to optimize the use of solar energy system in house, to help cut your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The E-KwBe is designed in an aesthetic and modern appearance with more than a 10 year lifespan. Its modular design allows multiple units to be connected easily to extend the storage capacity and reduce the dependency of fossil fuels. Enjoy the smart energy saving technology from E-KwBe to power your home safely and economically.

      • Sizes: 2.5 & 5.6 kW
      • 7 Year Warranty



SolaXBox is the latest solar battery storage solution from market-leading SolaX Power; housing the X-Hybrid inverter, lithium batteries capable of storing up to 20kWh of energy and all cables and connections – all in one sleek and compact storage cabient. X-Hybrid is an intelligent system that manages the energy generated effectively and efficiently, storing surplus energy in batteries for later use. With X-Hybrid, ‘self-use’ can increase to in excess of 80% providing both practical and financial benefits to the customer.

      • Sizes: 3.0kW, 3.7kW & 5.0 kW
      • 5 Year Warranty

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