Commercial Solar Power

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Using solar power lowers business overheads and generates a good ROI

Solar power solutions for freehold or lease hold premises.
  • Systems designed to enable huge savings on electricity usage.
  • Free consultation and quotations.
  • Can finance lease, rent or buy a system. Finance leasing works out cheaper than what you are currently paying your energy retailer.
  • All designers, electricians and installation staff are CEC accredited.
  • An investment in solar systems provides a safer and higher return than most other investments. A typical system can achieve an ROI in excess of 30-35%.
System size & design, The Solar E way: This will be different for each business requirement.At Solar E we believe in an upfront consultation with customers. This helps determine a number of important factors you need to consider when purchasing a solar system:
  • Overall energy use
  • A design to suit your budget
  • Expected ROI on your investment
  • Commercial system size needed.
  • Available roof space or capability to place a solar power system on your property.
  • Roof or ground mounted system
Commercial Solar PV System Energy GenerationTable 1: Commercial Estimate PV System Energy Generation

commercial solar panel generation chart

Calculation based on Perth, 1 kw commercial solar power panel will produce an average 4.4 units per day. Table 1 shows the estimated performance of PV system in Perth. The output shown is based on a system with low or no shading, at direct sunlight with true north orientation. The simulated values can vary from your system according to the different type of installation and weather conditions. Therefore this table is just a guide.

Commercial PV Systems installed by Solar E:

Borrello Cheese Factoryxs

Golden Pondsxs


B&L Pumpsxs


Better Choice Fuelxs

Body Logic Subiacoxs

Canning Social Clubxs

Healthy Organicsxs



Sushi Master OConnorxs

L&M Radiatorsxs

XLI Logisticsxs

Chokeby Roadxs

Holy Family Churchxs

SSS Autosxs

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