Solar System Information

The cost of electricity is set to rise in the future – and since we have an abundance of sun, it makes sense to harness the power of the sun in the form of solar power. It not only slashes your energy bill, but you will be doing your bit to help the environment by reducing greenhouse gases. So, if you’re looking for a solar power system in Perth, consult the experts at Solar E.

How does a Solar System work?

Solar PV panels turn sunlight into electricity during the day, an inverter changes this into power that can be fed into your home appliances. Any electricity made by your solar system that isn't used during the day is sold back into the grid.0616SolarEHowSolarWorksV3

Solar PV System Energy Generation

Every household is different, so an initial upfront consultation with our clients is recommended. This is to determine a number of important factors, before tailoring a system to suit your needs. These are:

  • A system that fits your budget
  • Available roof space and alternative locations such as on the ground or mounted
  • Estimated energy required


Why choose Solar E?